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Hey I get it, you’re busy posting here and there and everywhere hoping to attract your ideal peeps.

But what if … all you really need to stop their scroll is some rocking images!

…of you doing what you do

 where you do it?

OR of your clients experiencing your class, coaching, product?

How much quicker would you be booked if you

could grab their attention

 with the SHOW 

and then woo them

with the TELL?

Business Photography Story-Style Sessions

Story-Style sessions are my solution!

Are your ready to skip right over the fluffy coffee house photos of you with your laptop or fake laughing in your favorite outfit &  get right into SHOWING what you do, how you do it, where you do it and who you do it for!

It is essential to communicate what working with you looks like if you don’t have a tangible product or visible end result!  Showing your potential client/customer the process through images and/or video will build immediate trust. 

Don’t get me wrong a standard headshot has its place. But lets be honest, that image of you having coffee (unless you sell coffee) just doesn’t help your audience learn what the experience of your services will be like. And if you are laughing…let’s create some context that is real for that level of excitment so is truely authentic …with a story!

OR how working with you will make them feel!

Story-Style sessions are centered around showing your client the experience of working with you. We plan the session around your process, show them your space or products. The goal of each session is to capture images that evoke those emotions. So your potiential client can start to see how they will feel using your services. 

I'm Meg

I’ve been a photographer for over 25 years! I’ve been ridding the wave of change (and tech) that has morphed being a biz owner for my ENTIRE biz life – LOL. For much of this time I was a weekend warrior photog – running my portrait studio along side a coroportate gig (while raising my boys…that are now grown men!…time does that😉).   Now I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur (and corporate life is a fading memory…thank the goddess for that!) 

Business needs change and change and then change again. BUT you know what hasn’t really changed …you still need photography to market your services. Hell … I think these days you need it more! 

I think its important to have quality photography that is strategic for your business. Meaning it’s important to work through the specific uses for your images before we create them.


So that you get the use most of out of what we create for your website, social media, ads and other marketing needs. It’s story telling + strategy = an easy yes from your new client/customer.

I provide photography by half & full day. 

I also offer training on being a better photog for your own biz.

Because THAT is the one thing that has changed in the last decade. We all have fabulous cameras/video cameras in our pockets! As a business owner it’s time to get comfy with your phone camera (and editing, file management, and all the things that go with content creation and marketing). 

I can go on and on …on but if this peaks your interest – reach out!

Feel me?

Ready to story-up your biz photography ?

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