Goodman Photography – Today’s moments captured for tomorrow … and forever.


Studio is located in Grand Rapids Michigan. Open by appointment only. Please contact us at:

email: | phone: 616.334.1504

Goodman Photography | Grand Rapids Michigan | Modern Elegance
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Modern Elegance Sessions

$300 Session Fee

Enjoy this session on your own or bring along your best friend, sister, mom or daughter to join you.

Portraits are additional and begin at $150. Portfolio Box Collections start at $700.


Let's Plan Your Dream Shoot!

Photoshoot Consult Appointment

We will plan your photoshoot down to the last detail. Go from girl next door to vixen. Whatever you want.

On-Going Planning Prior to Your Session

Our Client Portal give you mobile access to our planning guides and chat with Meg.

Wardrobe Review 

Once you have your outfits picked out, Meg will review them with you to make sure everything is all set a few days before your shoot.

Session Day

Time to unleash your gorgeous!

Private Studio Setting

You'll feel right at home in the privacy of Meg's home studio.

Makeup & Hair Styling

In studio hair & makeup the day of the shoot! No need to run around before your photoshoot, Meg's team has you covered!

Several Outfit & Styling Changes

You don't have to choose just one look. You can go from business to sexy all in one session.

Guided Posing Photoshoot

Meg will pose you from your eyes to your toes. You'll have so much direction you won't even remember you were nervous!

Refreshments mid-shoot

No getting "hangry" on Meg's watch. Beverages and snacks are provided during your photoshoot.

Don't forget you will look ***Gorgeous*** after your photoshoot. Plan a ladies night out or a date night with your partner!


Celebrate You Day!

Portrait Reveal & Ordering Appointment

You'll view all of your finished images in Meg's studio a 1-2 weeks after your photoshoot. You purchase only the images you love.  (...psst, be prepared to love them all! We love what we do and so will you)

Portrait Retouch Included

No need to stress about blemishes or skin woes. All of your final images are fully retouched.


Your images are presented to you in a matted layout that combines with our Portfolio Boxes or with our matted Albums. You can literally take home the images you love the day of your reveal appointment.*

Printed Portraits + Digital File

No stress over prints vs digital files. Every purchased printed portrait includes a digital file that will print up to the same size.

*Payment must be made in full to take home your portraits on the day of the Reveal. 

Are you ready to Book your consult?

Click the button below to schedule your consult to find out more about planning your dream photoshoot.


This experience was so uplifting and a wonderful gift to myself.


Not Sure if this experience is for you?

I get it. Truly I do. As women we grow up comparing ourselves to the images we see in our media. We are constantly bombarded by these "perfected" images which creates an unrealistic beauty standard - it is no wonder that many of us avoid the camera altogether.

We need to step in front of the camera and take back our power! Only by existing in photos and being seen will we show the world the wide diversity of what IS "beautiful". No more hiding.

All women - all shapes, all ages, all hues & shades deserve to be seen. We need to rejoice and celebrate our individual beauty.

My mission is to photograph real women

  • I want to give you back your confidence to stand in front the camera without judgements.
  • I want to empower you to love yourself as much as those closest to you do.
  • I give you  permission to love yourself enough to document your journey through life with amazing photos that show your inner beauty as much as your outward appearance.

Is your inner voice freaking out & telling you can't possibly do this now! ... you can't because...

"You need to loose X number of pounds first"

No really you don't. I pose you for your body shape and I promise you will love the results. 

"I'm too old for this type of thing"

Absolutely Not! Every age is RIGHT for this session. In fact, if you are in your 40s, 50s, 60, 70s+ - you need to be photographed even more!  Why do I say that? Because I feel there is a void in our culture of images of aging women. We are rarely seen in our media outside of drug, healthcare and retirement ads.  

Why the heck is that? We age just as gracefully as men. We need to tell the world and future generations of women that we are vibrant and beautiful during our entire lives. Not just up to some arbitrary age our media brainwashes us to believe.

"I can't spend money just on me"

I call foul on this one, big time! We all spend money (or justify spending money) on the things we value. Do you value this experience for yourself? If the answer is no, then this type of session is not for you, and that is totally okay. It's not everyones cup of tea.  

I'll bet though that if you've read this far, you actually do value this service and desire this experience and the resulting portraits. You just aren't at a place where you think you deserve it.

I give you permission to do this just for yourself!


But if solo just isn't your thing - the session fee covers two people. You can invite some special to share this experience with you. How much would a beautiful photo of you and your daughter mean to both of you? Or a generations portrait of your mother, you and your daughter? 

How much will that portrait mean to you in 10 years? Will it mean as much as the spa visit, new smart device, or designer item you bought this year? Lets be honest, will you still own any of those items in 10 years?

I invite you to my studio to have a complementary consult (with no obligation schedule a Modern Elegance Session.  We will chat, you will learn more about this transformational experience and see the lovely products I offer to display session portraits.

Simply click the "Book" and select a date and time that works with your schedule.